Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Service opportunity with Habitat for Humanity

We have an exciting opportunity to put your engineering skills to work while doing some service this summer! Habitat for Humanity is building a home in Ogden and they have asked us to help. There will be plenty of opportunities to do both planning and building on this project. Please see the details below and send and email to projects@uofuewb.com if you are interested in helping out. The project will start at the beginning of July so reply quickly if you want to be involved.

Habitat for Humanity would like members of EWB to help build a home in Ogden this summer. The project is located on the corner of Madison and 21st Street. EWB students may volunteer to fulfill any of the following assignments:

1) Structural calculations for the building permit. A complete set of plans will be provided. Volunteers will complete the calculations then return them to Habitat to be stamped by a PE.

2) Plan and fill the project lot to sidewalk grade. The lot is set about 2' below the sidewalk. Volunteers will shoot the grade around the property then estimate the bank cubic yards required to fill and compact the lot. 

3) Building layout. Volunteers will assist with establishing the height and corners of the building foundation.

4) Construction. Volunteers will assist with building the house.

Assistance will be provided for any of the assignments above. If you do not know how to complete one of the assignments but would like to learn and be a part of it, please feel free to volunteer and learn as you participate. Don't miss the chance to be a part of this wonderful project!