Thursday, July 29, 2010

Habitat for Humanity project opportunity

Read below if you are interested in helping out with a housing project sponsored by Habitat for Humanity:

If you have some time this week (preferrably to be completed by this weekend) the Project Director for the house being built in Ogden needs help doing a ResCheck on the plans that have been drawn up. A ResCheck is a way for the City Inspector to verify that a building has met all energy requirements. It looks at all the componenets of the building to determine the overall energy calculations.

To complete the ResCheck you will need to download a free software provided by the government that will walk you through the ResCheck requirements. It will ask about the materials being used to build the home (window type, insulation type, doors, house siding, roof, etc) and about wall thickness and other stuff from the floor plans. You will need to coordinate your efforts with the project architect or planner to answer these questions. Shouldn't take more than a few hours.

If you are interested let me know right away by sending an email to ! I will put you in touch with the Habitat for Humanity Project Director, Brian VanGorp. I will also show you where to get the software needed to complete the assignment.