Who can join EWB?

The problems that are faced by the many countries we help will not be solved by engineers alone. That is why EWB welcomes members from all majors and all disciplines to sign up and help out in whatever way they can.

Can I help even if I am not a student?

Yes you can. UofU-EWB is always glad to receive help with:

  • Design
  • Logistics
  • Mentoring
  • And many other areas

If you would like to volunteer your time, please contact us at mebership@uofuewb.com

How are my donations used?

All members of EWB work as volunteers to travel to developing areas, assess what needs to be done and then work on the changes that will help the community. Your donation helps us to fund these changes. These improvements can come in many forms, such as providing better sanitation to helping improve education, so the people of the communities we help can continue to help themselves once the project is complete. Your donations will also help us to reach the areas that need us the most by helping to subsidize a small portion of the travel costs.

None of this would be possible without your help. If you would like to donate to please click on the Donations link.

How will EWB membership benefit me as a student?

As an EWB member you will gain vital, hands on experience that you won't get in the classroom. This will be invaluable once you enter the job market, especially for engineers. Employers will be looking for people who have more than just good grades. Having an EWB trip under your belt looks great on your resume and may be the thing that lands you that dream job.

How does UofU-EWB select projects?

The UofU-EWB chapter will normally receive project information either directly from an NGO (Non-Government Organization) or via the EWB National Headquarters. From there we will use the following criteria to determine if we can undertake the project:

  • Do we have the necessary expertise?
  • Do we have the man power available?
  • Is there sufficient funding potential for the project?

Is your focus solely on engineering?

No. The UofU-EWB is extremely aware of the humanitarian role that it needs to play. That is why we also involve ourselves in helping to improve education where we can and give the communities we assist a chance to help themselves.